ReImagining Democracy
A Lot Would Open Up If We Quit Over-Reaching

A Lot Would Open Up If We Quit Over-Reaching

November 26, 2020

Eighty-five per cent of what determines our health is how associative we are: Cormac Russell.

In nature, a nest is built by gathering many, many, many, many, small little bits and connecting them productively. Cormac Russell, author of Rekindling Democracy, says that at the heart of matters in our time is nesting.

Why nesting? 

“What’s kind of funny, at the moment, is that whether you are a socialist, a communist, a capitalist, or a neo-liberal, you broadly all agree that institutions are the answer,” he says. 

An institution is a way of organizing to get beyond self-interest and any one person’s capability and contribution. Historically, what has happened is that as we engage with one another stuff emerged that needed doing that simply wasn’t possible through individual capacity or even association. 

Where We Work Is a Place: Marijke Boessenkool

Where We Work Is a Place: Marijke Boessenkool

November 5, 2020

Generative Journalism brings us together where we work.

Humans are not isolated beings. We are somewhere, in a place. We make choices about where to live and those choices bring about a set of conditions that change and shape us, says Kessels and Smit human geographer and organizational journalist, Marijke Boessenkool.

Human geography explores the relationships and connections between people and place. Marijke says people are both changed by and change the place where they choose to live. There are a variety of spaces we can consider ‘places’ including our neighbourhoods, cities, and environment. 

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